[ˈambɪt] noun

a sphere of action, expression, or influence: scope

In mid-2016, three experienced entrepreneur executives came together to form a business. The group of thought leaders took a top-down approach to finding momentum technologies, ideal markets and a validated niche product with an accelerated path to demand. In December 2016, the three founders, Josh, Tim, and Gareth began building a product which has become the foundation for Ambit. 

Ambit is an artificial intelligence company that specialises in AI chatbot development for enterprise, both customer and internally facing. Ambit chatbots deliver unrivalled conversational experiences. Our chatbots will dominate the ambit of industry verticals that require better service and sales.

Gartner projects that 85% of all customer service interactions by 2020 will be managed by chatbots rather than humans.

Bringing real AI to customer conversations

Our technology is next generation conversational artificial intelligence. We are chatbot developers that blend customer-centred interactions with natural language processing, human intervention capability and structured data capture. Our analytics empowers you to make data-led decisions on where to tweak or evolve the capabilities of your chatbot. Real AI is powered by real data. Chatbots deployed across messaging platforms are the most frictionless method of serving customers.

Turnkey platform-as-a-service: Synapse

Build, maintain, and evolve your conversational user experience. To launch your first chatbot, Ambit provides a full-service chatbot construction experience to get your business into the world of conversational artificial intelligence. Integrate and develop your own AI chatbot with our platform.

Ambit's conversational design platform; rapid, intelligent, chatbot construction.

  1. Self-service at scale
  2. Invaluable insights for you and your customers
  3. Drive continuous sales and service improvement

Customer-centred design (CXD)

Ambit uses design thinking to co-design the best conversational experience for your customers and employees in our Conversational Experience Workshops (CXD) workshops.


  • Develop a coherent, shared set of conceptualisations and values for an AI chatbot experience


  • Map ideas and chatbot opportunities to customer needs. Define outcome-based measurable goals


  • Brainstorm, categorise and order information and tasks into conversations

Meet the Founders

Ambit's founders have years of combined experience running, consulting for, and investing in technology companies.

Josh Comrie


Josh is the founder of 3 human capital companies that have had 2 successful exits. He is also an experienced angel investor with several exits.


Gareth Cronin


Gareth is currently the GM Product at Xero. He is a former consultant to Air New Zealand, Vista Entertainment, Wynyard Group, Orion Health and others.


Tim Warren


Tim is a strategic consultant and a former developer and tech executive. He is also a former Goldman Sachs / JBWere executive and is an experienced angel investor.


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